Andy Pols CTO, Entrepreneur

Pairing for losers

I once had the pleasure of working on a team with Chris Stevenson. We had a ball. One thing I noticed was that he talked in keystrokes when you paired with him. He wouldn’t dream of saying, “let’s run all the tests and check in”, he would say “shift F10, Ctrl K”!

I must point out that Chris is not as geeky and dysfunctional as this may sound (in fact, he’s not dysfunctional at all :)). This was simply a great way to help you learn the keyboard shortcut keys and stop faffing with the mouse!

I have just found a fantastic Chris substitute. It’s an Intellij plugin called KeyPromoter that displays a big hint every time you use the mouse. It even prompts you to enter a shortcut key for things you do that don’t already have one.

So, if you're a loser who doesn't have anyone to code with ...

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