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ADC2004 - Amazing Experience Reports

This morning at ADC2004 had some amazing papers (with links to the papers):

XP “Anti-Practices” : anti-patterns for XP practices

Yoshihito Kuranuki and Kenji Hiranabe presented a superb paper on the problems (anti-patterns) they had using XP. They used cartoons, play acting to totally captivate the audience. I felt sorry for the poor guys who had to follow them!

These include:

  • Brownie’s Works : “The boss refactored our code!”
  • This Anybody Syndrome : “I’m not necessary here”
  • Pairing Prison : “I’m always under observation!”

Available here

Refactoring the Development Process: Experiences with the Incremental Adoption of Agile Practices

Paul Hodgetts talked about his experience with big bang adoption of XP practices vs doing it more incrementally - one practice at a time.

This matches my experience working with teams transitioning to agile.

Available here

Subclassing XP: Breaking its rules the right way

Greg Luck talked about his experience on a project. I really didn’t like this paper when I first read it! They did not subclass XP, and he talked about only allowing refactoring at the end of the iterations! Really don’t like that!

Anyway, it turns out that he ment defer large design changes until the end of the iteration. Phew. Now I can see where he is coming from. He also talked about a pair being too small a unit to make large design decisions. I agree with that. I always use team white board sessions to discuss designs with the team. Shame the paper does not explain the story properly.

Available here

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